Erika Jayne’s “XXpen$ive” Is A (Not So) Guilty Pleasure

Mike Wass | January 4, 2017 7:16 pm
Erika Jayne's "How Many F**ks?" Video
Erika Jayne is the latest Real Housewife to dabble in pop to disastrous effect.

Erika Jayne has a distinct advantage over other Real Housewives when it comes to musical side-projects. After all, she had already eked a reputation as club royalty before joining the franchise. The 45-year-old added to her impressive tally of dance hits with last year’s “How Many Fucks” (her ninth chart-topper), but it was something of a disappointment in comparison to her early material. Even a glamorous, candy-colored video couldn’t save the project. Happily, the plucky diva bounces back with “XXpen$ive” — an outrageous banger with a catchy chorus and high-camp lyrics.

Produced by Space Primates and co-written by singer/songwriters Jesse Saint John, Ferras & Sarah Hudson, “XXpen$ive” is equal parts Eartha Kitt and Paris Hilton. “It’s expensive to be me,” Erika purrs over a dub-step beat. “Looking this good don’t come for free.” The reality/pop star debuted the song on Watch What Happens Live last night (January 3) and you can watch the full performance here depending on your location. (It’s geo-blocked outside the US). There’s also a video on the way, which finds the chanteuse channeling Madonna, Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford. Bring it!

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