Lady Gaga And Katy Perry Are Now Involved In Kesha’s Sexual Assault Case Against Dr. Luke

Rachel Sonis | January 5, 2017 9:10 am

The Kesha vs. Dr. Luke court battle continues, but now it looks like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have been added into the mix. According to E! News, new documents from a recent status hearing on December 26 give the American producer permission to show Gaga and Perry a text message that Kesha sent to Mother Monster back in April 2016.

“Gottwald may share with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry the April 2016 text that Kesha sent to Lady Gaga, which Kesha turned over in discovery,” the document reportedly reads.

The context of the message, its content or why it pertains to the case is still unknown and will probably remain that way. E! News notes that “It’s up to both parties’ attorneys whether the texts will be unveiled in court.”

Gaga has been very vocal about the case, speaking out in Kesha’s defense in a March 2016 interview with Carson Daly for 97.1 AMP Radio.

“I just want to stand by her side because I can’t watch another woman that went through what I’ve been through suffer, and have everyone have a go at her as if she’s lying,” Gaga said. “This is just — I have to say, I talk to her every day. I’m friends with her personally. What I’m watching her go through is not only something I’ve been through but something that’s devastating to witness. Somebody that has such a beautiful light within them, so much talent to give — to see that light burn out because they feel that no one’s listening to them.”

Perry, on the other hand, has as of yet made no public statements on the case.

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