Readers’ Poll Results: The 10 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2017

Idolator Staff | January 6, 2017 4:36 pm

The votes are in, folks.

Back in 2016 (which already feels so long ago), we asked you, our readers, to cast your vote on who’s album you are most excited for in the new year. You voted hard. You voted well. And now, the results are officially in. So friends, Internet peoples, we present you with the 10 Most Anticipated Albums of 2017, as chosen by you.

Head below to see who made the list.

10. Nicki Minaj, TBA (328 votes)

CREDIT: C. Flanigan/Getty Images

Vincent J Bingham says, “For me, it has to be the Queen of rap, Miss Onika Maraj. Don’t keep us waiting too long gurrlll!!”

9. Lana Del Rey, TBA (811 votes)

Aaron A. says, “Lana Del Rey has yet to release an album that doesn’t satisfy. Born to Die, Ultraviolence, and Honeymoon all managed to be unique, distinct eras without sacrificing the quality of the music or the continuity of the Lana Del Rey persona. Even Del Rey’s collection of unreleased music easily outdoes the recent efforts of many of her peers, causing Idolator to refer to the chanteuse’s leaky laptop as “the eighth wonder of the world.” All of this, added to a possible new sonic direction as demonstrated through her recent collaborations with The Weeknd, proves that Del Rey’s upcoming album is one to look out for.”

8. Niall Horan, TBA (861 votes)

Purplegrass says, “Can’t wait to hear what Niall Horan puts out solo. He has always been my fave from 1D. Waiting for Lorde’s new music too. It might be hit or miss with her though. Her 1st album was great so it will be hard to top it. Though I love Taylor Swift, wish she would wait another year (or two) because honestly, radio made me get burned out on her. Really not ready yet to hear new music from her. And one artist not listed above is Adam Lambert. Heard he is gonna be putting an album out in 2017. Can’t wait. So there you have it, Niall Horan and Adam Lambert for me!!!”

7. Katy Perry, TBA (1,112 votes)

Breno says, “Katy is one of the few single artists from this decade that can be reliably trusted with delivering an album full of pop gems and good feelings overall. I am really excited to see which direction she is going to take on this new era, and expect nothing more than pop perfection!”

6. Nelly Furtado, The Ride (1,241 votes)

Not a single Nelly Furtado fan left a reason why they voted. Why so shy, kids?

5. Bebe Rexha, A.Y.F. (1,757 votes)

No one, again? Bueller…. Bueller….Alright. Onwards we go.

4. Miley Cyrus, TBA (2,525 votes)

Alex says, “Of course the pop icon, Miley Ray Cyrus!”

3. Rita Ora, TBA (4,567 votes)

Not a single Rita Ora fan explained why they voted and she came in third! Guys, c’mon.

2. Iggy AzaleaDigital Distortion (7,685 Votes)

Alex Gomez says, “In my opinion it’s Iggy azalea because she went through a harsh year in 2015. She no longer is engaged to Nick Young. She got hated everyday because people thought it was cool. Her upcoming album will focus on an uptempo beats and there is going to be a song where she raps about 2015 called middle man. It’s very surprising she is still releasing music despise getting hated on a daily basis. She is going to show them haters who think she is trash. All the hate made her stronger and her rapping skills surely has become better.”

1. Lorde, TBA (7,720 votes)

Aurélio Hugo says, “It’s surely Lorde’s album, in my opinion. Because, first of all, she was a teen when she began, and, even then she already DESTROYED the world with what I consider one of the best pop albuns of that decade. She brings inovation to pop music, and now, that she grew, even if it’s just some years, I can’t wait to listen to what she’s about to say and how she’ll sound. I’m hopping for more colabs with Disclosure, cause it went pretty good and maybe she could climb some more and creat a duet with a huge massive star – i’m thinking Madonna maybe. Don’t’ know how she’ll surprise us, but I’m more than sure she will.”

What do you make of this year’s readers’ poll results? Let us know!