Katy Perry, Cher Join Women’s March On Washington

Carl Williott | January 9, 2017 2:24 pm

And now we present: even more celebrities flocking to Washington, D.C. to spite Donald Trump. Katy Perry, Zendaya and Cher have officially joined the Women’s March on Washington, which takes place January 21, the day after the orange kleptocrat’s inauguration.

Perry was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 campaign, and Cher routinely bashed Trump last year on his favorite medium, Twitter, and the two singers appear ready to continue the political battle throughout Trump’s term.

In addition to the Women’s March, celebrities are opposing the Trump festivities this month with their own events in D.C. The Peace Ball will see performances from Solange and Esperanza Spalding on the eve of Trump’s swearing in, and over the weekend, all the famous people attended the Obamas’ final White House party. ~Meanwhile~ the bald racist’s biggest inauguration weekend booking is a Pittsburgh reality show has-been, and you know it’s just destroying him inside. Sad!