Madonna Poses For ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ Talks Donald Trump & Ageism: 10 Pics

Mike Wass | January 10, 2017 4:58 pm
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A couple of LQ pics from Madonna’s glamorous, Luigi and Iango-helmed Harper’s Bazaar shoot surfaced online yesterday (January 10), but they don’t do justice to the stunning black-and-white spread. In addition to playing supermodel, the Queen of Pop album also sat down for a Q&A as part of the magazine’s 150th anniversary issue. The main topic of conversation? The singer’s shock at Donald Trump being elected President. “On election night I was sitting at a table with my agent, who is also one of my very best friends, and we were truly praying,” she confides.

“It was just like watching a horror show,” the 58-year-old continues. “We were doing everything: lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives to God forever, if only. I went to sleep, and since that night, I wake up every morning and it’s like when you break up with somebody who has really broken your heart… it’s like being dumped by a lover and also being stuck in a nightmare.” Madonna also opens up about her constant battle with ageism and admitted that radio will no longer play her music.

“Whenever I do my live shows, I feel artistically inspired and excited because I get to do and say a lot of things that I can’t if I just make a record,” she says. “A lot of times it’s the only way people are going to hear my music because you don’t get to have your music played on Top 40 if you’re above the age of 35.” That could eventually lead to a career change. “I keep telling Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock that I’m going to do stand-up and they’d better watch out. I’m coming. I’m coming right behind them.”

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