Hear The Chainsmokers’ “Paris”

Carl Williott | January 13, 2017 9:26 am

After teasing it for weeks, The Chainsmokers have released new single “Paris.” It’s a subdued piece of EDM-pop, relying more on guitars than synths, but it’s still that signature ‘smokers MOR sound. And it’s their first song without a feature since 2015’s similarly city-themed “New York City,” but like that one, there’s an uncredited female vocalist on the track.

UPDATE: Billboard confirms the uncredited singer is Emily Warren, who co-wrote their Daya collab “Don’t Let Me Down.” Warren also announced the look on Instagram.

haters will say it's selena #itsnotselenagomez #itaintlouane #itsyagirl @thechainsmokers #paris 🇫🇷🎤✨

A video posted by Emily Warren (@emilywarrennnn) on

They released it with the lyric video, which is essential for absorbing the powerful imagery of lines like “You look so proud standing there with the flower and the cigarette / Posting pictures of yourself on the internet.” The song is about Paris, but the visual takes place on a beach with a supermodel because nothing makes sense in 2017.

Check it out below.