Gwen Stefani’s Former Hairstylist Suing Her Over “Spark The Fire”

Carl Williott | January 13, 2017 12:09 pm

Someone needs to make a website that only covers musicians getting sued for stealing songs. The latest to get hit with a lawsuit is Gwen Stefani and copyright suit vet Pharrell. A former hairstylist alleges that Stefani’s 2014 song “Spark The Fire,” which was written by the two stars, copied his own song.

TMZ reports that Richard Morrill, who is also a musician, says he played his song “Who’s Got My Lighter” for the singer back when he dyed her hair in 1998, and that she subsequently bit the lyrics “Who’s got my lightah? Who got the fire?” for her “Spark My Fire” hook “Who got the lighter? Let’s spark the fire” nearly two decades later. Morrill is suing Stefani and Pharrell for a portion of the $25 million the song has reportedly made them.