Music Is Saved! Cascada Plots A Comeback

Mike Wass | January 13, 2017 7:00 pm

No act screamed one-hit wonder as loudly as Cascada when they randomly cracked the top 10 with euro-dance anthem “Everytime We Touch” in 2006. Surprisingly, the German trio had a second act when they released a string of amazing (but obvious) Lady Gaga knock-offs in 2009/2010. “Evacuate The Dancefloor” might have been an unofficial sequel to “Just Dance,” but it was an undeniable bop. (“Pyromania” and “Night Nurse” also made an impression during this phase). You’ll be pleased to learn that Natalie Horler & friends are planning another assault on the charts.

Cascada will release a new single called “Run” on January 27 and it seems the high-camp outfit isn’t immune to modern dance trends. Their new single isn’t exactly down-tempo (there is a God), but they have definitely reigned in the BPM for a more refined, less euro-trash sound. And don’t be put off by the Microsoft Paint cover art. The 30-second preview is actually quite encouraging. If nothing else, prepare to hear this at your gym for the next six months. Take a listen to the saviors of pop below.

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