Tinashe Joins Tinie Tempah In “Text From Your Ex”: Listen

Christina Lee | January 20, 2017 12:57 pm

Tinashe connects with Tinie Tempah in “Text From Your Ex” — but she isn’t having it.

To be fair, the party atmosphere of ‘Text From Your Ex” makes it easy to miss what is going on; it sounds inspired by Ghost Town DJs“My Boo,” the 1996 Atlanta R&B bass single that made a surprise comeback last year with the Running Man challenge. Throughout, though, Tinashe is already thinking about her exit strategy, after receiving that text from that ex: “I’m not the kind of girl to snoop / but I had a feeling, too / Now I’m looking for my next boy.”

In short: Tinashe isn’t about to get lost in the music, though you’d be forgiven for doing so.

Listen to Tinie Tempah’s “Text From Your Ex”  below.

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