Hear A Snippet Of A Rumored Calvin Harris-Frank Ocean Collab

Carl Williott | January 27, 2017 9:10 am

There was a point last year when talk of a Calvin HarrisKanye West collab was floating around. I was of the mind that, shyeah right, no way Kanye would lower himself to that kind of basic shit anymore. But then Kanye endorsed Trump, and now Calvin’s rumored to be working with Frank Ocean. So what do I know?

Harris posted some Instagram Live videos from an afternoon drive Thursday (January 26) with a new tune playing on the speakers (one of 10?), and one snippet appeared to feature Frank on vocals. (If you’ll recall, Harris and Ocean were spotted hanging out last summer.)

No surprise it’s an upbeat dance track, so if it materializes it’ll be a big 180 from Frank’s Blonde material. Hear it below.