She’s Back! Nelly Furtado Performs “Cold Hard Truth” On ‘Seth Meyers’

Mike Wass | January 27, 2017 5:21 pm
Nelly Furtado's "Cold Hard Truth"
Nelly Furtado's creative rebirth continues with new single "Cold Hard Truth."

Nelly Furtado’s comeback gathers (even more) momentum with a killer performance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. The 38-year-old belted out catchy, new single “Cold Hard Truth” with her band and proceeded to remind everyone why she was one of the biggest pop stars of the mid-’00s. She looked gorgeous (those cheekbones, that smile), didn’t miss a note and still comes at pop from a very different angle. Her latest track is a banger, but it’s infused with funk and bounces along on a crunchy beat that evokes her iconic partnership with Timbaland.

At this rate, the Canadian’s 6th LP is shaping up to be something special. The Ride (due March 31) already boasts perky synth-pop anthem “Islands Of Me” (albeit as a bonus track) as well as hazy buzz track, “Pipe Dreams.” That song established Nelly’s alt-pop credentials and shows that the comeback queen is more interesting in establishing a new niche as opposed to begging for radio attention. It’s a smart move. She’s back, cooler than ever (thanks to producer John Congleton) and doesn’t have the back-breaking weight of commercial expectations.

Watch Nelly nail “Cold Hard Truth” on Late Night With Seth Meyers below.

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