Captain Cuts’ Outrageous “Love Like We Used To” Video: Premiere

Mike Wass | February 2, 2017 2:00 pm
Captain Cuts Interview
Captain Cuts talk debut single "Love Like We Used To" & retro-future pop.

2017 is the year that songwriters and producers focus on their artist projects and get a little shine of their own. Leading the charge is Captain Cuts. The trio behind WALK THE MOON’s “Shup Up And Dance” and Bebe Rexha’s “I Got You” caused a stir at pop radio with debut single, “Love Like We Used To” — an impressive feat given that they originally played it to L.A. Reid in the hope of placing it with someone at Epic. Instead, the guys ended up with a record deal and a rising hit.

And they’re not about to let the opportunity pass without having as much fun as humanly possible. Take the video for “Love Like We’re Used To,” which we’re excited to premiere up top. The hitmakers have the best day ever, throwing around cash and being extremely obnoxious. “They said it was impossible to blow $100,000 in one day,” Captain Cuts says of the video. “They said we couldn’t put a baby cougar on a leash. They said we couldn’t force a butler to shave cash on our pasta like it was parmesan cheese. They said we couldn’t shower a newborn child with piles of money. We set out to prove them wrong.”

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