Nickelback’s “Feed The Machine” Is Honestly Not That Bad

Mike Wass | February 2, 2017 6:29 pm
Leave Nickelback Alone!
Don't be a hater. Nickelback's new single, "Feed The Machine," might be very good.

As I wrote in a previous post, Avril Lavigne was right when she said we should leave Nickelback the fuck alone. Sure, they have released a couple of turds, but don’t act like you “How You Remind Me” isn’t an early ’00s classic. You’re also lying to yourself or dead inside if “Far Away” and “Photograph” failed to move you. The band returns with a new single called “Feed The Machine” — also the title of their 9th LP — and it’s something of a change of pace for the band with heavy riffs and a timely message.

“Addressing those beneath from high above, convincing his belief for what you love,” Chad Kroeger begins the song over a riot of guitars and thunderous drums. “Baiting every hook with filthy lies, another charlatan to idolize.” (Doesn’t that scenario sounds familiar?) The song really takes flight on the grim, Orwellian chorus: “Leaving your bones out on the stones, picking them clean and carving the truth, while harvesting you to feed the machine.” I’m here for Nickelback’s Metallica phase! You can stream the song below from midnight tonight.

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