And Here’s A Pic Of Robin Thicke Taking A Bath With His Dog

Mike Wass | February 12, 2017 7:01 am
Robin & Nicki's Sexy "Back Together" Video
Robin Thicke teams up with Nicki Minaj for sexy new single "Back Together."

Robin Thicke’s Instagram account is notoriously messy, but his latest update takes the cake. The “Blurred Lines” singer poses for a pic in the bath with a canine companion. “When your puppy jumps in the bath and your girl wants a photo and u just trying to protect yo junk and keep a fake smile!” he captioned the post. “Score.” That’s actually rather cute in an attention-hungry kind of way, but he takes things too far (as usual) by following it up with a snap of his nude girlfriend recreating the pose.

Apart from oversharing, the 39-year-old is putting the finishing touches on his 8th LP, Morning Sun. (At least, that was the title at one point). He dropped the title track and Nicki Minaj collaboration, “Back Together,” in 2015 and dropped a couple of non-charting singles (“Deep” and “One Shot”) last year. It looks like Robin can’t quite shake the fallout over catastrophic 2014 LP, Paula. Which is a shame because he ranks as one of the best R&B singers of the new millennium.

When yo lady takes a bath and puppy won't stop. Good problems! #Love my fam

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