Selena Gomez’s Very, Very Good “Feel Me” Leaks In Full

Mike Wass | February 12, 2017 8:05 pm

I’ve been waiting for this day since attending the Revival World Tour at the Staples Center on July 8, 2016. Selena Gomez’s “Feel Me,” a new song she premiered on tour, has leaked in full. And, no, it’s not a crappy live edit. This is the full studio version and it’s every bit as good as I expected from the show. Co-written by an all-star cast including Ross Golan (“Same Old Love”), Jacob Kasher (“Sober”) and Ammar Malik (Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna know”), this is sexy and sultry break-up anthem with an unexpectedly scathing undertone.

“No one love ya like I love ya — never cheat, never lie,” Selena begins solemnly. “Never put no one above ya, I gave you space and time.” The suspicion that she’s singing about a certain ex-boyfriend continues to grow as the song progresses: “Now you’re telling me you miss it and I’m still on your mind, we were one in a million and love is hard to find.” However, the pop diva isn’t interested in that mess. “When you runnin’ who you run to? Where do you go to hide?” she ponders. “She ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night, won’t be caught up in the middle of the highs and lows — Baby as long as you’re not with me, you’ll always be alone.” Ouch!

Throw in slinky electro-pop production and a mega-chorus, and you have one of Selena’s best songs. I really hope it’s included on SG2. Listen to the live version of “Feel Me” below.

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