Lana Del Rey Promotes Witchcraft On Twitter, Azealia Banks Disapproves

Mike Wass | February 24, 2017 3:08 pm
Lana Del Rey's Cosmic "Love" Video
The past, present and future collide in Lana Del Rey's cosmic "Love" video.

2017 is too wild! Lana Del Rey outed herself as a practicing witch last night (February 23) and urged fans to take part in a globally-coordinated binding spell on Donald Trump. “At the stroke of midnight Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23,” she tweeted. “Ingredients can b found online.” The purpose of the magical happening is to prevent the President from doing harm and only requires an unflattering photo, a small orange candle (shade), a Tower tarot card, salt and a bowl of water. Basically, stuff you can find on any corner in LA.

Well, it looks like Azealia Banks isn’t impressed by the endeavor. “Leave that motherfucker alone,” the brujería-practicing rapper tweeted on her private account. (Fans took screengrabs, which you can see below). “You witches are only going to make Trump stronger. *rolls eye* hashtag. White girl magic.” She then vowed to fight back. “No shade I will go toe to toe with these white witches because Hillary Clinton losing was a major loss for white feminism.” The Broke With Expensive Taste diva then confirmed that she was talking about Lana.

I’m burning sage, charging my crystals and staying the fuck out of this disagreement. See the tweets below.

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