Melanie Martinez’s ‘Cry Baby’ Album Is Certified Platinum

Mike Wass | March 6, 2017 5:26 pm
Melanie Martinez Interview
We speak to Melanie about concept albums and the future travails of Cry Baby.

Melanie Martinez’s debut LP, Cry Baby, has been officially certified platinum — an incredible achievement considering the absence of radio hits and the singer/songwriter’s offbeat approach. Instead, fans have discovered the album organically and brought friends along for the weird and wonderful ride. The opus has also been assisted by the 21-year-old’s prolific video output. At present, she has released 12 visuals from the album with another, for “Mad Hatter,” in production. This is very much a multi-media experience.

What’s next for Melanie? Well she gave me a little insight when I spoke to her in 2015. “When I’m 60, I want to look back on my music and have it tell the whole story from beginning to end, you know? All of the albums together. Cry Baby is really just the story of Cry Baby and Cry Baby is me,” she explains. “[The next album is] about a place within this creepy town or world that she’s in, and it gives her perspective of this place. Some of it is about her, but… I want to create more characters and do that whole thing.” I can’t wait.

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