Nicki Minaj Takes Another L: Safaree Says He Wrote All Her Rhymes

Mike Wass | March 7, 2017 6:22 pm
Remy Ma Ends Nicki Minaj With "Shether"
Remy Ma annihilates Nicki Minaj with a scathing diss track called "Shether."

Nicki Minaj took another L today (March 7) when ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels went on The Wendy Williams Show and confirmed, as Remy Ma suggested in diss track “Shether,” that he co-wrote all of the rapper’s rhymes. “It was a collaborative effort,” the sharp-dresser claimed. “[She] doesn’t sit there and do absolutely nothing, but I definitely was a helping force in everything that had to do with creating music.” He also hinted at the “Anaconda” hitmaker having extensive plastic surgery.

As for their break-up, Safaree blames Meek Mill. “The last album, whether people know or not, I was a part of the creative process up until the last month and a half of it,” the (now) reality star revealed. “In the last month, that’s when we were going through all the songs and I found out that there was two songs with him on the album.” That’s not particularly conclusive, but he knew. “I had an instinct. I had the intuition that there was more to it.” His final words to Nicki? “Do what’s right. That’s it. Do what’s right. You know what I did.”

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