Nelly Furtado’s Hot Streak Continues With “Phoenix”

Mike Wass | March 9, 2017 7:02 pm
Nelly Furtado's "Cold Hard Truth"
Nelly Furtado's creative rebirth continues with new single "Cold Hard Truth."

Since resurfacing last year with “Islands Of Me,” everything Nelly Furtado has touched has turned to gold. She showed off her alt-pop chops on “Pipe Dreams,” channeled Loose on “Cold Hard Truth” and delivered an epic banger with “Flatline.” Each buzz single from comeback LP, The Ride (due March 31), has been better than the next. Her hot streak continues with achingly beautiful piano ballad, “Phoenix” — a track that harks back to the understated approach of Folklore.

“Oh brother your hands are tired, you’ve been holding the world up and you’re losing your grip,” she sings over a simple piano arrangement. “If you know now what you knew then maybe you’d be whole again, but everyone falls down.” That takes us to the uplifting chorus. “From the ashes like a phoenix rising from the flames, you’re gonna be alright, you’re gonna be alright, you’re gonna be alright again.” This ranks alongside “Try” and “In God’s Hands” as one of Nelly’s best ballads. You can stream the song below.

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