Aimee Mann Sings About Broken Dreams On “Patient Zero”

Mike Wass | March 10, 2017 2:53 pm
Aimee Mann's New LP Is 'Mental Illness'
Aimee Mann opens up about the sound and direction of new LP 'Mental Illness.'

Aimee Man will release her first album in five years on March 31. The singer/songwriter teased Mental Illness (she explains the title here) with a wonderfully obtuse single called “Goose Snow Cone” and now gives further insight into the project with “Patient Zero.” And it’s a little easier to decipher. “Go west, young man, go west, take a real screen test,” she chides an aspiring actor, before arriving at the melancholy chorus: “Life is grand and wouldn’t you like to have it go as planned?”

“I believe ‘Patient Zero’ is a song about Hollywood disappointment,” director Daniel Ralston reveals. “I wanted to make a video about the same thing, on a smaller scale… it’s about being able to let go of the things we want but can’t have.” The video stars James Urbaniak — of Difficult People fame — as The Dresser on a play called The Hermit. He becomes friends with his client, but it doesn’t quite work out. If you need a dose of dark, depressing yet undeniably melodic and exquisitely-executed pop, this song is (and video) is for you.

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