Pink & Sia Are MIA In Stargate’s “Waterfall” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | March 17, 2017 9:59 am
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The world needs more party anthems, and Mr. Worldwide always comes through.

Super production duo Stargate surprised with “Waterfall,” their all-star single featuring Pink and Sia. While the song itself, co-written by Diplo and Jr. Blender, sounds like “Diamonds” 2.0 (Sia did work with Stargate on the original), it’s still worth a listen because it is Pink and Sia, singing together.

Unfortunately, for those of you expecting to see these pop superstars together, prepare to be slightly disappointed.

Last night (March 16) Stargate released its “Waterfall” video. Two women wearing jackets with “Pink” and “Sia” patches walk down a hallway while looking determined. But then they stop in front of a flight chamber to watch two indoor skydivers — and that’s it.

Sure, the stunts and synchronized choreography isn’t something everyone can do. But it isn’t Pink and Sia, or even Stargate.

Is the “Waterfall” video a letdown? Watch up top and weigh in at the comments below.

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