Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign Get Freaky In “Swalla” Video: Watch

Christina Lee | March 18, 2017 10:12 am
"No Frauds" Live
Nicki Minaj's Remy Ma diss got its live debut during Drake's Boy Meets World tour concert.

Jason Derulo gets freaky, freaky in his candy-colored “Swalla” video, directed by Gil Green.

As Robert Palmer did in his most iconic ’80s videos (“Simply Irresistible,” “Addicted to Love”), Jason stands out because of his backing band of identically dressed models. Unlike Palmer, though, Jason isn’t at all shy with his crew, as he dances and strips down right along with them.

Featured vocalist Ty Dolla $ign is happy to take in the sights, while Nicki Minaj appears wearing a futuristic mirrored visor and a latex two-piece suit.

Jason released “Swalla” in February, before featured rapper Nicki’s beef with Remy Ma became known to the masses. Listen closely, however, and you can hear the fighting words in Nicki’s “Swalla” verse: “I gave these bitches two years, now your time’s up / Bless her heart, she’s throwing shots but every line sucks.” Watch the video up top.

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