Alison Moyet Unveils The Cover & Tracklist Of 9th LP, ‘Other’

Mike Wass | March 20, 2017 7:08 pm

Alison Moyet makes a very welcome return on June 16 with 9th album, Other. (Pre-order your copy here). The pop veteran’s first offering since 2013’s brilliant The Minutes delivers an eclectic mix of sounds and razor-sharp commentary. “For me, making a record at this age, lyrically, is a different proposition,” the “Is This Love?” hitmaker explains. “Observation in most cases replaces emotion. The invisibility of [being a] middle-aged woman rather thrills me and instead I watch.”

“Subject matter covers what you might expect from a pop album,” the 55-year-old continues with her tongue firmly in cheek. “Dyslexia, locked-out syndrome, diversity, Persephone, doggedness and the internet. Always asked what a song is about, I attempted to cooperate, but in truth though the lyrics incorporated my best attempt to describe what I see and of the meaning that is mine. I want, who chooses to, to find their own landscape or indeed none.” Well, there you go! See the tracklist and listen to the atmospheric title track below.

Alison Moyet’s Other tracklist:

1. I Germinate 2. Lover, Go 3. The English U 4. The Rarest Birds 5. Beautiful Gun 6. Reassuring Pinches 7. April 10th 8. Other 9. Happy Giddy 10. Alive

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