Mike Posner & Blackbear Bro Out On The Cover Of Mansionz’s Debut LP

Mike Wass | March 22, 2017 4:06 am

Mike Posner and Blackbear formed a hip-hop duo called Mansionz earlier this year and have already rolled out a series of obnoxious/extremely catchy singles like “Rich White Girls” and “STFU.” The guys drop their self-titled debut LP on Friday (March 24) and the artwork is a sight to behold. The shirtless collaborators embrace on the cover, taking their bromance to the next level. Mike and Matthew (Blackbear’s real name) also revealed the feature-heavy tracklist on Twitter.

The album boasts an eclectic mix of cameos including Spark Master Tape, Soren Bryce, G-Eazy, Cyhi The Prynce, Snooze God and Dennis Rodman. As far as side-projects go, Mansionz is one of the most fully realized in recent memory. The duo has a distinctive sound and well-conceived image. (Who could forget their outrageous antics at 2017 Grammys?) Check out the cover of Mansionz’s self-titled opus above and peruse the tracklist below.

Mansionz’s debut album tracklist:

1. Snoozefest 2. My Beloved 3. STFU feat. Spark Master Tape 4. Dennis Rodman feat. Dennis Rodman 5. I’m Thinking About Horses 6. Nobody Knows feat. Soren Bryce 7. A Million Miles 8. Wicked feat. G-Eazy 9. Rich White Girls 10. Strip Club 11. White Linen feat. Cyhi The Prynce 12. Gorgeous 13. Life Of A Troubadour feat. Snooze God

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