Lucky Rose Feat. Tep No’s “Wild One”: Premiere

Mike Wass | March 23, 2017 12:00 pm
Tep No Gives Lana Del Rey A Tropical Makeover
Tep No gives Lana Del Rey's "Florida Kilos" a suitably tropical overhaul.

There’s nothing better than a good whistle in a pop song (or club banger). Canadian DJ Lucky Rose obviously feels the same way, incorporating it liberally into his new single, “Wild One.” The track drops Friday, March 24 via Ultra Music and offers a vast, cinematic soundscape. “Oh my love, it’s a wild, wild road (road) wherever we go, and oh sweet love,” Tep No croons over acoustic guitar and sweeping synths. “She’s a wild, wild one got me losing all control.” It sounds like a perfect soundtrack to a desert road trip.

“I had this production on my computer for a few months, and I couldn’t find the right vocal melody,” Vincent Carrier (his real name) explains. “A friend of mine told me about Tep No, so I sent him the track, and in just a few days he sent me his vocals. From there I added the whistle sound to make the track catchier… and that’s that.” Don’t be surprised if “Wild One” racks up those streams in the weeks to come. It falls squarely into the emo EDM movement that’s got a vice-like grip on Spotify. We’re excited to premiere the track below.

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