Bibi Bourelly Shares Her Demo Of Selena Gomez’s “Camouflage”

Mike Wass | March 27, 2017 7:21 pm
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Bibi Bourelly has generated massive buzz with gems like “Sally” (one of my favorite songs of 2016), “Ego” and “Riot.” However, she’s experienced even more success penning songs for other artists, most notably Rihanna. The German-born singer/songwriter wrote “Bitch Better Have My Money,” “Higher” and “Yeah, I Said It.” The 22-year-old also has a cut on Selena Gomez’s Revival LP called “Camouflage.” She shared her original demo of the song on SoundCloud today (March 27) and it’s strikingly beautiful.

Bibi didn’t give a reason for sharing the track, but it’s a reminder of all the good stuff that wasn’t promoted as from Revival. “Sober” is a perfect pop song, “Nobody” is literally a spiritual experience, “Survivors” is a deliciously offbeat offering and “Camouflage” is probably the prettiest, grittiest thing Selena has ever sung. Bibi’s version is a little rawer and edgier, but the song was basically recreated note for note. With any luck, she is submitting songs for SG2. Compare their versions below.

Bibi’s demo:

Selena’s version:

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