Kesha Opens Up About Her Battle To Release New Music

Mike Wass | April 3, 2017 2:52 pm
Ricky Reed On Kesha's Gritty, New Sound
Producer Ricky Reed opens up about Kesha's gritty, new rock sound.

Kesha performed her first concert in Louisiana on Thursday night (March 30) and spoke openly about her ongoing legal battle between songs. “The reason I haven’t put out music in so long is because I have a lawsuit from hell, and I just want you to know I’m fighting every fucking day to bring you new music,” the 30-year-old told fans, according to a review on She also revealed that she’s been very busy in the studio. “I have about 74 songs done. I’ve had a lot to talk about. And I just want to thank you for being here tonight.”

But the “Timber” chart-topper wasn’t finished there. “What I cannot do is play you my new songs,” she explained. “I think the person who kept me from putting out music, I think they expected me to lie down and take it. Shut up and disappear,” she said in reference to producer Dr. Luke. “And I’m just here to say that person fucked with the wrong person.” Kesha then channeled her rage into music. “This song, it feels like the words were taken right out of my mouth, and it’s called, ‘You Don’t Own Me.'”

The pop star also performed Lesley Gore’s classic ballad on her Fuck The World Tour last year. Watch her perform it in Louisville here.

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