Tinashe Shows Off Her Dance Moves In “Flame” Choreography Video

Tinashe's new single is proof that you should never judge a song by a snippet.

Tinashe kickstarted the Joyride era in mid-March with “Flame,” a soaring pop anthem produced by BloodPop and Stargate. In fact, it was a little too pop for some fans. A vocal minority clearly want the singer to stay in the eerie, alt-R&B mode of Nightride, but that’s unrealistic at present. And “Flame” isn’t fluff either. It just has wider appeal and might just nab her the radio hit she’s been threatening to get since “2 On.”

The buzz should continue to grow with the arrival of dance video. Choreographed by Jojo Gomez, the video finds the R&B/pop star busting a move with a group of dancers. Different groups then take over and give their interpretation of the song. If this is any indication of what’s to come in the official video, “Flame” has a decent chance of catching fire. (Sorry). Watch Tee do her thing up top and listen to the full bop below.

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