Elle King Will Play Bass Topless If She Wants To

Mike Wass | April 7, 2017 1:09 pm
Elle King Switches It Up On "Wild Love"
Elle King dabbles in dance-pop on stand-alone single "Wild Love."

Elle King bought a new bass guitar yesterday (April 6) and decided to break it in with a topless jam session, which she shared on Instagram. Unfortunately, small-minded haters couldn’t let the “Ex’s & Oh’s” hitmaker live. “Can I just speak my mind?” she replied to the mini-controversy. “I was told to take my video down of me playing my brand new fucking bad ASS Fender P bass, and I happen to be wearing stars over da nips. Someone asked if this is how I want to be presented to the world.”

“I am a woman. I am also a worshipper of Rock & Roll,” she continued. “SO YEAH I GUESS I FUCKIN DO! I never saw my heroes let anyone censor them. If someone were to look deeper into this, they might see a woman with fucking confidence. Sometimes that can be a very threatening thing. HEY HEY MY MY ROCK & ROLL WILL NEVER DIE.” Rock on, Elle! While we wait for her sophomore LP to arrive you can listen to her pop experiment, “Wild Love,” which was recorded for a make-up campaign below.

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