Stream Sarah Hudson’s Eclectic, Compelling ‘Songs From The Sea’ EP

Mike Wass | April 7, 2017 4:54 pm
Sarah Hudson Talks 'Song From The Sea' EP
We speak to Sarah Hudson about her new EP, 'Songs From The Sea.'

Songwriting queen Sarah Hudson (Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” Justin Bieber’s “The Feeling” etc.) steps into the spotlight today (April 7) with a passion project of her own. Songs From The Sea is an ambitious concept EP inspired by the big blue. “I wanted the whole aesthetic to be like you just drank Ayahuasca tea in an underwater kingdom,” she revealed in a recent Q&A. “I wanted the EP to sound like a lucid Enya-like dreamscape.” It’s fair to say the hitmaker achieved that goal with the dreamy, ambient-pop of “Mermaid” and eerie vocal stylings of “Gypsy Girl.”

It’s hard to talk about highlights with a collection of songs as fully realized and interconnected as this, but I find myself coming back to “Black Crow” — a track that evokes the desolate electronica of Madonna’s “Frozen.” And then there’s the starkly beautiful, “Love Me This Way,” which would sound equally appropriate at a wedding or a funeral. Oh and let’s not forget the EP’s resident banger. “Voices” is an acid flashback to the ’90s and now has a leather daddy-themed video to boot. Watch it up top and stream Songs From The Sea below.

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