Frank Ocean Drops “Biking” Featuring Jay Z & Tyler The Creator: Listen

Christina Lee | April 8, 2017 10:00 am

Frank Ocean released yet another surprise track on Blonded Radio. Just a few weeks after “Chanel,” the singer-songwriter dropped “Biking” featuring longtime collaborators Jay Z and Tyler the Creator.

As distinct as those individual artists may be, Jay Z and Tyler enter Frank’s Blonded world in “Biking.” With its muted beat, acoustic guitar melodies and gentle chimes, the dreamy “Biking” is learning how to ride — the mental image of them popping wheelies in Philly pops up twice — and other milestones. “Think I want me a lil’ one that looks like my clone / me and my baby can do on our own,” Frank rap-sings; by its end, anything seems possible.

Shortly after the song’s debut, Frank also teased its music videon his official site. You see someone ride a bike, of course. But there is also a lit birthday cake under disco ball lights, and a young man gazing at his goldfish in a plastic bag.

Listen to “Biking” and preview its video below.

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