Luis Fonsi & Justin Bieber Perform “Despacito” In Puerto Rico

Christina Lee | April 19, 2017 10:43 am

Justin Bieber has appeared lifeless throughout his Purpose World Tour. He was dead-eyed in the few meet-and-greet photos he took. And in general, he seems largely disconnected from the crowd, his energy tentative whenever he isn’t lecturing the crowd.

But for once last night (April 18), when he brought out surprise guest Luis Fonsi to screaming Puerto Rico fans, Justin acted like he wanted to be on his own stage.

They performed their “Despacito” remix, which was only premiered 48 hours prior. Justin still insisted on chewing gum in between notes. But with all his smiling and dancing, he seemed to feed off Luis’ energy while actually being a convincing hypeman.

Watch Justin Bieber bring out Luis Fonsi to perform “Despacito” below.

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