Is PARTYNEXTDOOR Feuding With Zayn Malik?

Christina Lee | April 27, 2017 11:55 am
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He proves to be level-headed and mature while talking Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik.

Is PARTYNEXTDOOR feuding with Zayn Malik? Fans noticed that this week, he unfollowed Zayn on Twitter and Instagram. He deleted any mention of their collaboration “Still Got Time.” And he removed his “Still Got Time” remixes from his YouTube and Spotify pages. The only proof that song exists, at least in the R&B hitmaker’s world, is a lone Facebook post the week the song dropped.

Meanwhile, Zayn fans are retaliating by posting snake emojis on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Instagram.

Tabloids say that PARTYNEXTDOOR is removing any mention of the song because he’s unhappy with its overall chart performance. But such self-sabotage seems foolish, especially with the NSFW video now out. Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter is promoting his remix of Bruno Mars“That’s What I Like,” and celebrating the platinum plaque he just received for his work on Rihanna‘s ANTI.

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