Bantu’s “Juice” Is An Explosion Of African Rhythms & Club Beats

Mike Wass | April 27, 2017 6:41 pm

Zimbabwe-born artist/producer Bantu caught my attention last year with “Holiday,” a summery explosion of African rhythms with driving club beats. He took things to the next level by incorporating pop hooks and catchy chants on “Roll With Me,” which ranks as one of favorite songs of 2017. The rising star returns today (April 27) with another multi-layered, afro-pop fusion called “Juice” and it’s his catchiest offering to date. Make no mistake, this is the freshest banger you’ll hear all week.

What’s it all about? Waiting on your girl. Well, more specifically, being so excited to see her that you’re ready and waiting with her favorite drink in your hand when she arrives. “I got the juice mix it with ice, my kind of woman I make it too strong just how you like,” Bantu sings in a verse. “Show me your moves, I think I’m in love, you better stop that, don’t stop that. Baby, I think I’m in love.” Listen to the thirst-inducing anthem below.

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