Katy Perry Sings “Bon Appetit” At Met Gala, Wears Lingerie To Afterparty

Mike Wass | May 2, 2017 1:57 pm
Katy Perry & Migos' "Bon Appetit" Is A Tasty Treat
Fresh out the oven! We review Katy Perry's sexy new single, "Bon Appetit."

Katy Perry held court on the red carpet at last night’s (May 1) Met Gala in an opulent (and vaguely menacing) Maison Margiela Artisanal gown. But the recently-blond diva was just getting started. She was also the headline performer and belted out a selection of her greatest hits including “Chained To The Rhythm,” “Dark Horse” and “Firework.” However, according to Vogue’s review, the highlight of the show was “Bon Appetit.” Katy performed her new single with Migos and even joined in on the rap.

Videos of the performance have found their way online (below), including one that depicts Madonna and Jennifer Lopez staring blankly ahead. Of course, that has been interpreted as shade by the usual trolls, but they just seem to be watching the show. Like normal patrons at an show. After finishing up her performance, Katy headed to the afterparty. I’m not sure how she had the energy to stand, let alone get dolled up in nude-colored lingerie and a sparkly cape (above).

Madonna and J.Lo watching:

Katy & Migos in action:

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