Iggy Azalea Addresses “Mo Bounce” Flopping & Leaked Tracks On Twitter

Mike Wass | May 9, 2017 1:14 pm
Iggy Azalea Reveals "Switch" Cover Art
Surprise! Iggy Azalea revealed the cover and release date of new single, "Switch."

Iggy Azalea is still the realest. The Australia rapper, who is releasing a new single called “Switch” next Friday (May 19), made a rare appearance on Twitter last week and addressed topics that most artists avoid at all costs. Say what you like about the hitmaker, but she’s honest. Like when she casually answered questions about “Mo Bounce” flopping. “[It] isn’t even charting,” the 26-year-old responded to a cheeky fan. “Just doing what I love and you can join in or not.” Iggy also refuses to dismiss it as a buzz track.

“I think so,” the rapper replied when a fan asked if “Mo Bounce” was an official single. “It was more something that would’ve been great if it had taken off… but no pressure, the focus for Def Jam was always Switch.” She didn’t blame the label either. “We both agreed it would be cool to put out songs & slowly gain back my momentum. We felt Cant Lose & Mo Bounce covered the spectrum well.” I-G-G-Y then spoke about those pesky leaked tracks. “It’s unfair to expect me to leak someone’s beat that hasn’t been paid for, that’s bad business. I couldn’t do that to the producers I work with.”

It wasn’t all doom and gloom. The “Fancy” chart-topper is clearly jazzed about “Switch” and raved about her Brazilian collaborator, Anitta. Iggy also revealed that she’s still close with Demi Lovato and still hangs out with T.I. when he’s in LA. Oh, and the Aussie bombshell is definitely down to reunite with Britney Spears and Charli XCX. Other potential collaborators include Kesha and Fifth Harmony vocalist Dinah Jane. Read Iggy’s tweets below.


Leaking tracks:

The Anitta connection:

Theme of album:

Cool with T.I.:

She’s blackballed from events:

She’s realistic:

A Britney reunion isn’t out of the question:

Those Kesha rumors:

Those Dinah Jane rumors:

She’s not beefing with anyone:

A Charli XCX reunion could happen:

There’s no Nick Young diss track:


This is tea:

Diggy is still a thing:

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