PSY Sticks To Winning Formula On Latest Singles “I Luv It” & “New Face”

Jacques Peterson | May 10, 2017 12:21 pm
PSY Interview
We spoke to PSY about his "Hangover" video, Snoop Dogg and other collabs.

It’s been five years since “Gangnam Style” broke the internet and put K-Pop on the global map. Since then, PSY has released a few similar sounding singles, scrapped an English-language album under Scooter Braun, and refocused on the Korean market after making the most of his American moment. Now the funnyman is back to doing what he does best with two new singles, “I Luv It” and “New Face.”

Like PSY’s past crossover hits, “I Luv It” is LMFAO-esque pop with self-deprecating lyrics and a club-ready beat. “I just hit forty baby / turn off the lights I’m twenty babe,” he jokes. It’s generic as hell, but undeniably fun under the right circumstances. “New Face” is a little fresher, trading in the commercial EDM for horns and a chorus so silly it’ll be stuck in your head in no time. While “Gangnam Style” was billed by some critics as a subversive critique of South Korean society, it’s hard to tell if the same can be said for “New Face.” Is PSY commenting on the country’s obsession with plastic surgery, or do we just take it at face value as a song about hooking up with a bunch of different chicks?

As for the music videos, they’re both classic PSY. The 39-year-old is the perfect comedian, poking fun at himself and dancing up a storm in various exotic locales. As with all PSY videos, his always excellent choreography is destined to spawn thousands of YouTube covers and embarrassing moments on the dance floor after a few too many drinks. Check out both clips below.

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