Katy Perry Teases May 15 Announcement With Times Square Billboard

Christina Lee | May 14, 2017 11:08 am
Katy Perry's ''Bon Appetit'' Video
Directed by Dent De Cuir, acclaimed chef Roy Choi turns the pop star into a foodie's delight.

Katy Perry has a big announcement coming up. Over the weekend, a new Times Square billboard, featuring an eye illustration, has been advertising the date May 15. Katy confirmed the ad was hers when she changed her social media profile pictures to that same icon.

For context, fans suspect that Katy’s fourth album is titled Witness and this billboard is now additional proof. Katy has already teased a song by that name. “We’re all just looking for connection (yeah), we all want to be seen,” goes the hook. “I’m looking for someone who speaks my language, someone to ride this ride with me. Can I get a witness (witness)?” Plus, her bold Maison Margiela outfit at the Met Gala had the word “WITNESS” embroidered on the veil.

But to a fan who asked, “ALBUM OR SINGLE?!” on Twitter, Katy said, “guess again.”

Katy has experienced a few setbacks with her new album era. Following “Chained to the Rhythm,” she received backlash for comparing her new haircut to Barack Obama no longer being U.S. president. She also released the innuendo-driven “Bon Appetit” during what is supposedly her “purposeful pop” moment. But this billboard could be a sign that she is back on track. So does a report by TMZ, saying she is in talks to join the revived American Idol on ABC as a judge.

“Sources familiar with the talks tell us Katy is very interested, and is open to scheduling potential tour dates around the show’s taping schedule,” TMZ says.

See Katy Perry tease her May 15 announcement below.


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