TWICE’s Intergalactic “Signal” Is As Strange As It Is Cute

Jacques Peterson | May 15, 2017 12:53 pm

In less than two years, TWICE have established themselves as the biggest girl group in K-Pop. Their chart domination hasn’t been seen since the days of Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls, making every new TWICE single an event. Their latest effort, “Signal,” is another pop show-stopper, despite being a little on the strange side.

Produced by J.Y. Park, “Signal” plays a lot like a mash-up between TWICE’s own chart-topper “TT” and I.O.I’s recent hit “Very Very Very,” which Park produced last year. The girls sing softly over handclaps and a rubbery bassline, before chirping about their spidey senses tingling on the chorus. While TWICE’s singles usually pack a punch, “Signal” has a sweet restraint that works perfectly with the group’s vocal shortcomings. It even feels a little melancholy at times, which is hard to pull off on something this cute.

“Signal” might look and sound a little weird at first, but so did Red Velvet’s “Rookie” and PRISTIN’s “Wee Woo.” Both of those songs hooked listeners after a few spins, and “Signal” will too. Take a look at the bizarre alien romance music video above.

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