What Have We Done To Deserve Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday, Bro”?

Scott Baumgartner | June 1, 2017 1:28 pm
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Remember Vine? Before going belly-up that video app helped launch more than a few careers, including Jake Paul. Since then, he has parleyed his boyish looks and comedy chops into a role on the Disney Channel’s Bizaardvard. Oh, and he’s also a rapper. On Tuesday (May 30), Paul released “It’s Everyday, Bro” feat. Team 10 and the (terrible) anthem has shot all the way to number two on iTunes. Thanks again, 2017.

Along with the meteoric single, the 20-year-old released a video featuring himself and some familiar faces doing… well, what everyone does in hip-hop music videos. Paul and his buddies dance terribly, cruise around in Lambos and grimace at the camera as the all-too-familiar L.A. skyline sparkles in the distance. It’s not outright offensive because it’s not clear if the young comedian is attempting to wink at his audience while plying the trade of hip-hop’s heavy-hitters.

The production is perfectly fine. Its polished tones and atypical beats harken back to the bad boys of hip-hop. And the lyrics are what you’d expect from a white kid from Ohio, for better or worse. Some head-scratchers include “I just dropped off some merch and it’s selling like a God church” and “We shoot it with a gun, the tattoo just for fun.” This isn’t Paul’s first outing as a rapper. In 2015, he released “Shakey” with Greg Cipes.

Clearly Paul and his crew of fresh-faced rhymers are having fun and reaping the rewards on iTunes, but hopefully somewhere along the line someone will let them know just how tone-deaf and derivative their foray into hip-hop actually is. Sure sure, they’re just some young folks jumping around in front of a spacious mansion and pretending to be B.I.G., but as the old saying goes: Ignorance is no excuse. Watch up top if you dare.

True story; the LAPD are Jake Paulers…

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