From Steamy Baths to Wrecking Balls: Stars Gone Nude In Music Videos

Idolator Staff | June 2, 2017 1:25 pm

An artist’s main goal is to promote their craft and show off their talent. Some will go to the extremes to showcase the talent that is within. If the talent resides within, well there is nothing wrong with peeling back the layers one at a time. For these entertainers, they have peeled it all off!

Rihanna – Where Have You Been (2011)

Rihanna – Where Have You Been (2011)

Rihanna goes the water route in the video for her 2011 song Where Have you Been. She starts out in what looks like a lake, and then a scene appears with dancers, one of which is dressed like a pirate of some sort. The scene takes place in a desert of all places. Rihanna then appears with some dancers in some place with what looks to be a fire cave.

Rihanna even has flames on her wrist whirling it around and the video has a weird vibe to it. The video was directed by Dave Meyers and there is a scene where Rihanna is nude and has her hands covering her chest area.