Normani Kordei Falls “Down” During Fifth Harmony’s ‘GMA’ Performance

Mike Nied | June 2, 2017 2:04 pm
Fifth Harmony Returns With "Down"
Fifth Harmony gets it just right with bouncy banger "Down." Read our review.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony are off to a solid start as they begin promoting “Down,” their first single since Camila Cabello left the group earlier this year. As the newly released single is burning up the iTunes charts and racking up spins on streaming services, 5H aren’t just sitting pretty and watching the numbers roll in. Instead, they hit the stage at Good Morning America to give the Gucci Mane-assisted track a little bit of a push with their first live performance of the summery anthem during the show’s Summer Concert Series.

“You miss us?” Lauren Jauregui cheekily asked over the joyful tropical production. Dressed in matching denim outfits, the girls delivered live vocals and some of their tightest dance moves to date. (I guess Normani Kordei’s tenure on Dancing with the Stars gave them a bit of a push to amp up their performances). Gucci Mane appeared on the stage in a burst of fog to deliver his verse while the girls delivered their sexiest floor choreography behind him.

In a blink-and-you-miss it moment, Normani falls while executing a sexy move, but she quickly regained her footing to deliver a final dramatic note and one more run of the addictive chorus. The ladies seem to be adjusting to their new status as a foursome, and “Down” is undoubtedly a solid release that will keep them going while the put the finishing touches on their next release. Looks like the ladies will be giving Camila a run for her money as they face off onstage and on the charts over the next few months. Check out their fierce performance up top and watch a close-up of Normani’s fall below.

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