Does Fifth Harmony’s “Down” Copy Terror Jr’s “Come First”?

Mike Nied | June 2, 2017 3:57 pm
Fifth Harmony Returns With "Down"
Fifth Harmony gets it just right with bouncy banger "Down." Read our review.

Uh oh. Things are about to go down between Fifth Harmony and Terror Jr. The ladies should be flying high with the news that their new single is heating up the charts, but they will have to fend off plagiarism claims before celebrating. About an hour after 5H unleashed their summery anthem “Down,” the mysterious pop trio hopped on Twitter and implied that the song rips off their viral hit “Come First.” “Ur favorite pop star just ripped us off because they are goldfish & we are not,” the group tweeted.

Though they didn’t explicitly call out Fifth Harmony, fan accounts were quick to pick up on alleged similarities between two songs, particularly in the production on the respective choruses. Some accounts went as far as to upload videos of the two tracks so that you could hear how similar they sound. Harmonizers were quick to jump to the ladies’ defense. “Keep it cute. No one really knows who you are,” one account tweeted Terror Jr., but they would not be silenced, responding with a defensive “u do bitch.” Oh the drama!

Honestly, it seems like a bit of a stretch on Terror Jr.’s part to claim that 5H ripped them off. If “Down” sounds like anything, it’s basically a rehash of last year’s “Work from Home,” especially on the chorus. The group could argue that Terror Jr. ripped them off with the release of “Come First.” Hopefully, they won’t though because no one needs that drama right now. We just want to spend a couple hours twerking to “Down” without interruption! Take a listen to the alleged similarities below.

Terror Jr’s Tweets:

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