Watch Jerry Seinfeld Refuse To Hug Kesha & Cringe

Mike Wass | June 6, 2017 3:57 pm
Kesha's Battle To Release New Music
Kesha opened up about her battle to release new music at a concert in Louisiana.

Hasn’t Kesha gone through enough without being humiliated on the red carpet? The pop diva spotted Jerry Seinfeld at Monday’s (June 5) Night of Laughter & Song at the Kennedy Center and politely asked him for a hug while he was recording an on-camera interview. His reply? “No, thanks.” The “Tik Tok” singer went in for an embrace anyway, begging “please.” He simply moved away from her, raising a hand to block any contact. To make matters worse, the comedian confessed to having no idea who she was when the interview continued.

After that soul-crushing moment, Kesha pulled herself together to perform with Ben Folds. “Lots to smile about I’m very happy I got to perform tonight with my buddy who is kind and humble and talented,” she wrote on Instagram, before getting in a subtle dig at Jerry. “Ben folds is my fuckin hero being talented and nice is the winning combo, and more rare than you’d think.” Watch the diva’s awkward red carpet encounter below.

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