Twitter Reacts To Jay Z’s Mysterious 4:44 Advertisements

Mike Nied | June 7, 2017 2:26 pm
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The web is alive with speculation over a series of mysterious ads that popped up on major hip-hop sites and around New York City yesterday (June 6), and how they may or may not relate to rap mogul Jay Z. The ads are quite simple; they proclaim “4:44” over a salmon-colored background. Fans were quick to do some research on the ads, tracing them back to Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal and the word “SuperHero,” which has led them to believe that they are promoting an upcoming album roll out. If this is the case, it would be Hov’s first album since his massively successful 2013 release, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The only problem is that there has been no confirmation from the rapper or Tidal regarding the ad. For all we know, Tidal could have teamed up with Wendy’s to advertise their 4 for $4 deal, which wouldn’t be my definition of a holy grail.

Hope is not lost yet, though. Fans of music’s power couple have been quick to point out that 4 is Beyonce’s lucky number, and that it was the name of her fourth studio album. The couple also both have the number tattooed on their ring fingers, possibly referencing their April 4, 2008 wedding date. The “Formation” diva explained that she doesn’t always wear her wedding ring because it feels “too personal,” but she always has the tattoo to stand in as a reminder. Because the number is significant to both artists, there has been some speculation that the ads could be alluding to a joint album from the two. That, or Jay is paying a sweet tribute to Bey and thoroughly ending any rumors of marital discord that have been burning since Bey released Lemonade last year. So much for Becky with the good hair.

As fans are waiting to find out what’s going on, they’re flooding Twitter with hilarious content speculating about what is coming. As the clock ticked down on 4:44 yesterday they were sure that an album would be dropping, but once that time passed they let loose to express their anxiety the way that Twitter does best — with gifs, memes, and sarcasm! Check out some of the best reactions below.

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