New Music From Selena Gomez Is Coming “A Lot Faster Than People Think”

Mike Wass | June 12, 2017 12:58 pm
Ian Kirkpatrick On Producing "Bad Liar"
We speak to producer Ian Kirkpatrick about crafting Selena Gomez's "Bad Liar."

As much as I love “Bad Liar” (and I love it a lot), the promo campaign around it has been uninspired. Selena Gomez posted a couple of snippets on Instagram and has sat down for a string of radio interviews. That’s it. I wouldn’t mind so much if we learned something new each time she sat in front of a microphone, but the pop star has had the same conversation a dozen times. Of course, that’s part of the process and has more to do with the questions being asked, but it’s getting a little tired.

Take her chat with iHeartRadio. There’s the obligatory exchange about what the song is about. “I was very much single when I was working on the song, and I think I was missing that feeling,” Selena recounts. “It’s a story. It starts off telling exactly what you feel when you’re in that initial rush of being into someone, and I think that that feeling is something that I’ve always been a sucker for. So, I just think it’s addicting, and it’s beautiful, and it’s complicated, and I loved that.”

The only real nugget of (new) information is when she lets slip that new music is coming very soon. “I spent a year in the studio, and now I’m putting all of these pieces together, and it’s coming a lot faster than people think,” the hitmaker reveals. “But that’s what makes it great, because there’s a little mystery to it, and it sounds so separate from everything else I’ve done. I mean, from the Kygo record, to ‘Bad Liar’ and the next thing that’s after ‘Bad Liar’ is so separate from that, it’s just me trying to figure out where it’s gonna go.”

Oh, and this is also pretty tantalizing. “I don’t really have a set plan, but a lot of new music is coming for sure.” I can’t wait to hear it. I just wish Selena would do a TV performance or simply post the “Bad Liar” video on YouTube. Even a fan Q&A on Twitter would be a breath of fresh air at this point.

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