Katy Perry Showed Kesha A Lot Of Love On Her YouTube Livestream

Mike Wass | June 14, 2017 1:11 pm
Katy Perry's 'Witness': Album Review
Katy Perry boldly explores club sub-genres on her banger-heavy new album.

Katy Perry’s Witness World Wide livestream was broadcast on YouTube for a staggering 96 hours, generating a flood of opinion pieces on everything from the pop star’s mental health to her timely conversation with Deray Mckesson about cultural appropriation. Instead of simply promoting her new LP, Katy used the platform to educate herself (and viewers) and right past wrongs. It was a brave, but cathartic move. One moment that seems to have slipped by without much attention, however, is the hitmaker’s subtle show of support for Kesha.

One of the criticisms aimed at Katy over the last year is that she failed to reach out to the former K$ during her ongoing legal battle with Dr. Luke. It’s complicated given Katy’s decade-long working relationship with the producer and the fact that she could be called as a witness, but she used a segment dedicated to revisiting old music videos to send her beleaguered pop colleague a little love. “Here’s my friend Kesha that I love so much,” she beamed while playing her “I Kissed A Girl” video.

“Kesha and I kind of grew up in the scene in LA together,” Katy continued. “We were both writing songs, working with some similar producers and she is an incredible songwriter and I’ve known her for… well, we used to like hang out and party together.” Believe it or not, “I Kissed A Girl” is now nine years old. Watch the Witness diva reach out to Kesha up top and then revisit the video that started it all below. By the way, how amazing was late ’00s pop when Katy, Kesha and Lady Gaga were the hot new artists on the scene? 2017 can’t relate.

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