Shania Twain’s “Life’s About To Get Good” Is A Perky Country-Pop Gem

Mike Wass | June 15, 2017 12:19 pm
'Shania Now: Cover & Release Date
It's happening! Shania Twain revealed the cover and release date of her comeback LP.

Shania Twain’s comeback single is finally here and it was worth the (15 year) wait! “Life’s About To Get Good” is an uplifting country-pop anthem that wouldn’t sound out of place on one of her chart-destroying Y2K albums. Which is a surprise because she insisted that it was a major departure from her Mutt Lange-produced oeuvre. “I told anyone getting involved musically to forget about my other records,” the 51-year-old told Rolling Stone. “I wanted a more organic approach.” This definitely has a warmer, more organic approach, but it is quintessentially Shania.

“I wasn’t just broken, I was shattered,” the country legend begins the song. “I trusted you so much, you were all that mattered.” However, Shania overcomes heartbreak in the perky, optimistic chorus. “I’m ready to be loved and loved the way I should, life’s about life’s about to get good.” It sounds like an unsent letter of sorts to her ex-husband, which gives it an autobiographical quality. “Life’s About To Get Good” is the lead single from Now (due September 29), the diva’s first album since 2002’s Up!. Listen below.

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