Coldplay’s “All I Can Think About Is You” Is A Beautiful Daydream

Arielle Tschinkel | June 16, 2017 12:26 pm
Coldplay Drops "Hypnotised"
Coldplay announces a five-song EP, Kaleidoscope, with the new song "Hypnotised."

After announcing that they would be collaborating with everyone from The Chainsmokers to Big Sean on their forthcoming EP, Kaleidoscope, it would be understandable for fans to be a little concerned about Coldplay charting unfamiliar waters. But the animated lyric video for “All I Can Think About is You” makes it clear that Chris Martin & Co. have no desire to abandon their wistful roots. The song and accompanying visual are classic Coldplay.

The moody mid-tempo track starts out with Chris worrying about the state of things around him, pondering aloud, “Chaos giving orders, everything is upside down.” But halfway through, the song has a signature Coldplay revelatory moment, with the frontman declaring, “Love is the only thing left that’s true.” The lyric video (below), which was directed by I Saw John First, is a beautiful, trippy daydream. It’s strangely like being on an Epcot ride at Walt Disney World, which might just be the musical escape we all need right now.

“All I Can Think About Is You” is the first track on the band’s upcoming five-song Kaleidoscope EP, which will be available to download and stream on July 14, and released on CD and vinyl on August 4.

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