Future Hit: Jaira Burns’ “Ugly” Has Serious Pop Pedigree

Mike Wass | June 16, 2017 4:40 pm
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Jaira Burns needs to be on your pop radar. The Pittsburgh native arrives in a blaze of glory today (June 16) with a relatable, ruthlessly catchy jam called “Ugly.” The track documents a one-night stand that unravels when someone makes the fatal error of catching feelings. It all starts promisingly enough. “Sitting in the corner sipping on his gin,” the 20-year-old sings over a drowsy dancehall beat. “Must be my good karma, it brought me next to him.” She then lays down the law on the chorus.

“It’s fucking good, loving me like you should,” Jaira praises, before warning, “Baby, trust me, this could get ugly.” By the end of the song, Interscope’s new star finds herself in something of a predicament. “Honeymoon is over, roses on the floor,” the newcomer laments. “Screaming and accusing, calling me a whore.” It’s original, raw and yet still very pop. Which is a hard combination to pull off. “Ugly” was co-written by Leland and Allie X, and produced by ever-reliable hitmakers Cirkut and Billboard. Listen below.

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